This luxury sofa is handmade in Nigeria by master craftsmen, achieving outstanding visual beauty and true comfort.

The two seater TODS sofa guarantees long-lasting luxury. Despite its luxe velvet upholstery, which comes in a range of colourways, being super-delicate to the touch, it is incredibly hard-wearing.

Material Suede Velvet - Brinjal Suede velvet - Brinjal Suede Velvet - Brown Suede velvet - Brown Suede Velvet - Burgundy Suede velvet - Burgundy Suede Velvet - Charcoal Suede velvet - Charcoal Suede Velvet - Green Suede velvet - Green Suede Velvet - Red Suede velvet - Red
Wood Finish Lacquer-Black Lacquer - Black Lacquer-Brown Lacquer - Brown Matt - Black and Lacquer Gold Matt -Black and Lacquer Gold
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