Incorporating a Touch of Luxury With Upholstery

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”

Any design lacking textiles is bound to fail. Nothing can replace the welcoming allure of a plush sofa. Upholstery has always been an important aspect of every interior designer’s strategy, and this year is no exception. In fact, one of the biggest design trends this year has proven to be velvet upholstery. Once considered outdated, velvet has seen a resurgence as the hottest upholstery option of 2018.

This multi-dimensional fabric is a great tool for a myriad of applications. Placing an upholstered ottoman is a quick, easy way to add sophistication to any sitting area. There are hardly any experiences better than resting tired feet on a soft, plump ottoman.

A gorgeous accent chair entices visitors to enjoy its curved form as the dynamic fibers glisten. While small and large velvet introductions will look equally great, a fully upholstered sofa is the quintessential velvet piece. Consider one with tassels for a playful yet elegant look as seen in our Luxedos TODS sofa. Velvet has the unique ability to blend with its surroundings without disappearing completely, meaning it can be incorporated into most design styles without disrupting the vibe. Based on your preferences, your colorful velvet furniture piece can be styled as a focal point, or blend with its peers. Neutral colors also look remarkable on velvet, if that’s your desired style. Luxedos is proud to offer quality velvet pieces to clients and customers. Our selection of chairs, sofas and accent tables is sure to include something to benefit your space.

Whether you are remodeling, starting a room anew, or sprucing up an existing design, a velvet piece will sit beautifully within your space. Give your home the gift of charming tones like sultry red and refreshing green.See our website for more velvet furniture []. 2018 has pushed velvet back into everyone’s lives, and this time it’s here to stay.

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